Policy Statement

WOCC-TV3 is a government/education cable channel largely funded via a contractual agreement with

the city of Westerville. Otterbein University provides partial funding. Because the city of Westerville

owns WOCC, programming for it must fulfill the city’s mission to inform residents.

Otterbein.TV (http://otterbein.tv) is a web channel with live-streaming capabilities that showcases

student and staff-produced programming about and of interest to the Otterbein community. Programs

are produced by students for academic credit or monetary compensation. Some of these programs may

also be telecast on WOCC-TV3 if they meet the criteria.

Otterbein.TV will record events and produce programming for university departments, but is not

an Instructional Support Service. Production requests must be submitted to Jeff Demas, Director of

Television; Mark Pfeiffer, Assistant Director of Television; or Steve Rossman, Assistant Director of

Television. Event recording requests should be submitted at least two weeks in advance. We cannot

guarantee satisfying all requests, either because of time constraints or logistical challenges. Under no

circumstances may equipment be borrowed by someone who is not involved with a WOCC/Otterbein.TV


In Otterbein.TV’s effort to sustain itself and to reflect the additional student work required for outside

projects, compensation will be requested for some productions. Campus-wide events, such as

commencement, convocations, and sporting events, and projects determined to meet the on-air mission

of Otterbein.TV/WOCC-TV3 will be produced without compensation. If a project is not permitted to

be streamed on Otterbein.TV or telecast on WOCC-TV3 or is determined not to fit the mission, then

compensation according to the rate card is necessary.

Otterbein.TV will also consider projects that are outside the realm of the university on a case-by-case

basis. These projects will require compensation so that we may pay students and help defray the cost of

maintenance and wear-and-tear on equipment that is not funded by the city.

If no funds are available for a particular departmental project, it is possible to submit the proposal as a

class project, but these requests must be submitted at least a month before the previous semester ends.

Otterbein.TV continues to strive to better serve the campus community. Following these policies will

help us to achieve that goal.